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Can flagyl treat strep throat

26 years experience Infectious Disease. Pharmacy and Medication Tips. Clindamycin: There are other antibiotics to use, such as clindamycin, for group a streptococcus throat infections Metronidazole is used to treat a wide variety of infections caused by anaerobic bacteria and micro-organisms called protozoa. Flagyl is an agent that has long been used to treat A. protozoal infections like trichomonas If you do see an improvement in your condition it means you do not have strep-throat, you have some other bacteria that is weak against Flagyl, good news for you. can flagyl treat strep throat These types of organisms often cause infections in areas of the body such as the gums, pelvic cavity and abdomen because. Strep throat is uncomfortable and highly contagious, but you may not need an antibiotic to treat the bacterial infection. Been dealing a few days - Answered by a verified Health Professional We use cookies to give you http://www.dreambigwiththach.com/rx-for-yeast-infection the best possible experience on our website Doctors treat strep throat with antibiotics. Learn when it's the right time to expect an antibiotic prescription from.given a shot of steriods for inflammation and anit botic pills as well as hydro codone syrup for pain / cough and sleep otc medicine for uti pain Yes, but: Yes it can be used to can flagyl treat strep throat treat strep but there are probably better (and cheaper) alternatives A throat swab culture, also known as culture and sensitivity, is done to identify the organisms that. B. D. i'm allergic to penicillin, bactrum, ceftin (cefuroxime) and levaqon. Dr. viral infections. Medication Side Effects can i use flagyl to treat strep throat? According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) “There has never been a report of a clinical isolate of group A strep that is resistant to penicillin”. C. In that case, take flagyl for strep ALL 10 days of Flagyl, do not stop until you finish the medication, even if you feel "cured" by the 5-6th day Penicillin or amoxicillin are considered the best first-line treatments for Strep throat. I have strep throat I'm on ciprofloxacin and flagyl for strep throat will that work. strep throat. urinary tract infections. For people with a penicillin allergy, treat Strep throat with either a narrow-spectrum cephalosporin (such as cephalexin or. Common culprits and what you can do. Camilla Graham answered. No: Flagyl does not treat strep throat, can flagyl treat strep throat first establish it is indeed strep throat, and see an allergist to go over your drug reactions to determine what you are indeed allergic to and what you can and cannot take What Conditions does Flagyl Treat? Things to remember when you fill your prescription. - where to get azithromycin for chlamydia